• B_Dampers

    B Dampers Urethane B_Dampers are an instant upgrade to the board performance by providing superb stability at high speed while maintaining the carve-avility of springs.


    Offering two flavors: Soft and Medium durometer. 

    This combined with our trucks 2 mounting position and compression from retaining screws will accommodate almost any riding style, also feel free to mix it up with springs to fine tune it just for you.


    * Also Compatible with Trampaboards trucks


    We recommend the following combinations:


    - Riders 145 to 170 pounds use Soft in all trucks.


    - Riders 180 to 210 pounds use Soft in the front truck and Medium in the back truck. (preferred)


    -Riders + 225 pounds use Medium in all trucks.


    What is included:

    4x B_Dampers

    8x Retainers



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