Battery Enclosure
  • Battery Enclosure

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    ABS one piece enclosure for 12S-4P battery can accommodate: 48 cells, BMS, dual ESC, mosfet switch, Bluetooth module and receivers.


    M4 inserts --------------26 Pieces 

    M4x12 screws -------- 26 Pieces

    Mounting plates ------ 8 Pieces

    Top plastic sheet ----- 1 Piece

    3M sealing tape ------ 3 feet


    Available for 2 cell type:


    1)  20700:  For 12S-4P battery pack using 20700 to 21700 cells. Compatible with following decks:

    XL, HolyPro and HS11.



    2)  18650: For 12S-4P battery pack using 18650 cells. Compatible with following decks:

    XL, HolyPro, HS11 and Urban carver.


    Lead time: 2 days



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