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  • BX-One Hubs

    This is a precision HUB made out of Aluminum 7075-T6, engineered to be most rigid hub on the eSk8 industry and also lightweight.


    With our precision clamping system on the inner matting face of each hub piece this produce the maximum stiffness against shear forces when carving at high speed, preventing deflections and reducing the load on the screws by 60%.


    This clamping system paired with our Angular contact ball bearing, will properly handle the lateral thrust forces generate when carving at high speed, The precision fabrication and the combination of features makes this the safest and most reliable Hub system out there.


    Precision made, no O-rings needed to compensate for manufacturing imprecision.

    Compatible only with our AT Truck 

    Will need 4 units for a kit, consider buying a 5th one to use as spare.


    Price is per unit.

    Lead time: 2 days