Motor 6396-190Kv
  • Motor 6396-190Kv

    New and upgraded motors

    Packing 30% more power, this bad boys have a motor can bearing to handle the external loads and paired with the bracing system in our gear drive will provide 3x the service life on previous motors.


    Backwards compatible with all Kaly gear drive systems, pain free installation only need a 3mm hex key and C-clip tool.



    Max Power: 4585 Watts  

    Max Current: 80 Amps

    Max Torque: 5.20Nm

    Max Voltage: 15S

    Recommend Voltage: 12S

    Shaft Length: 35 mm

    Shaft Diameter: 10 mm

    Keyway slot 3x3-14mm

    C-clip slot: 1

    Sensor connector: Higo, Pigtail included



    Shipping in 6 weeks



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