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We offer a 60 days warranty on assembly errors. After that an extra 60 days free labor repair service with parts at a discounted price ( shipping not included ). After this period a lifetime of support and service.


This warranty does not apply to any equipment that has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, physical, accidental or water damage. Also any modification, alteration, programing or reprogramming without prior written authorization by or representative will void  the warranty.

Accident damage to electronic, mechanical or any other components is not considered an assembly defect and is not covered under the warranty.


Perishable items are not covered by the warranty, some examples are: bearings, belts, tubes, tires, bushings, grip tape, spring retainers, wheels, gears, etc.


Boards that malfunction within 15 days of receipt and cannot be diagnosed via phone or email or can not be repaired by the buyer, will be sent back with free shipping within this period. 


If the board malfunctions between 16 days and 60 days, it must be returned at the owner's expenses.

It will be inspected and if the problem is covered by the warranty it will be repaired for free and the customer will receive a $60.00 credit to use in our store to compensate for the shipping cost. If the problem is determined to be a misuse, abuse, or accident damage a quote for the repair parts will be provided. The repair labor is still free if still in the 120 days after purchase.


International customers need to cover the shipping every time the board is sent in for a service, even during the 60 days of warranty.

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